History of Kapuzinerhof

Here are some dates and events that help explain how Kapuzinerhof got its name. 

A Capuchin monastery was built in Biberach and christened the Kapuzinerkloster. One of the friars who took part in the construction was Father Fidelius von Sigmaringen, who was later declared a saint. 

The friars were driven out and the monastery destroyed. But despite great adversity the Brothers remained in Biberach. 

With the establishment of a “Kapuziner House” and chapel, the Capuchin Order took root once more. But with the treaty of Westphalia, the friars were forced to leave the city.

Another monastery and church were built and christened by the Bishop of Constance in 1661.  The Capuchin friars were sought after as healers, ministers and caretakers of the sick and elderly. 

The monastery was disbanded and the church torn down. Over the years, the complex was used as an apartment house, factory, orphanage, private girl’s school and poorhouse. 

The remaining buildings were demolished.

Our hotel was built on the site of the Capuchin Monastery and carries its name in memory of the historic significance of this place. 

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